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Paschke Poppy Piece

William Burroughs
"Interzone" Series #2

18" X 24"


original sold

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Paschke Poppy Piece jpg Paschke Poppy Piece large jpg

Notes on Paschke Poppy Piece

This painting is the second in the Interzone series. During the 1990's, Gail Axel took the train to visit me. She had a layover in Chicago. While there she saw an exhibition of the paintings of Ed Paschke. She fell in love with them and bought me a book of his paintings. She asked if I could use his style in one of my future paintings. My attempt is this painting. Since I stole the style, I named the painting after him so there would be no ambiguity as to the style's originator. In creating this painting I learned a great deal and came to really love Ed Paschke's paintings.

"This poison will remain in all our veins
even when the fanfare turns sour
and we're back at the old disharmony.

Oh let us now, so deserving of these tortures,
ardently gather the superhuman promise
made to our souls and bodies at their creation:

That promise, that madness!
Elegance, knowledge, violence!
We have been promised
that the tree of good and evil,
will be buried in the darkness,
that tyranical respectabilities will be deported,
so that we might bring forth our very pure love."

Arthur Rimbaud,     Illuminations