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Rambaudian Muse

Arthur Rimbaud
"Season In Hell" Series #1

20" X 24"


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Rimbaudian Muse jpg Rimbadian Muse large jpg

Notes on Rimbaudian Muse

This was the first painting of the Arthur Rimbaud "A Season In Hell" series. It represents the young poet and his muse while he was writing that collection of poems. His muse may be seen as a representation of either his mother or of the poet Paul Verlaine, but I feel that it was probably a combination of the two.

I ought to have a special hell for my anger,
a hell for my pride - and a hell for sex;
a whole symphony of hells!

I am weary, I die.
This is the grave and I am turning into worms, horror of horrors!
Satan, you clown, you want to dissolve me with your charms.
Well, I want it. I want it!
Stab me with a pitchfork, sprinkle me with fire!

Ah! To return to life!
To stare at our deformities.
And this poison, this eternally accursed embrace!
My weakness, and the world's cruelty!
My God have pity, hide me, I can't control myself at all!
I am hidden, and I am not.

And as the Damned soul rises, so does the fire.

Arthur Rimbaud,    A Season In Hell  (trans. Paul Schmidt)